Best Lifetime Kayak Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2023

What you need to know about the lifetime kayak reviews is that they are going to be the ultimate in comfort and durability.

If you are looking for cost-effective and stable kayak models, lifetime kayaks are perfect for it. Lifetime kayaks are best for beginners and family outings. Lifetime is a leading manufacturer in the USA. At an affordable price, kayaks are safe and straightforward for youth and kids. Lifetime brands manufacture kayaks specifically for passion.

Lifetime kayak reviews for 2023 offer the best performance and design for lake and river kayaking adventures. In this review, we’ll determine the best Lifetime youth kayak for kids, the best Lifetime adult one-person and two-person tandem kayaks, and the best Lifetime fishing kayak.

Lifetime kayak reviews has huge of choice, from sit-on to sit-in-top, solo to tandem. Lifetime kayaks are the most reliable sit-on-top kayak in the world. These are light weighted and durable. Many accessories and styles are available in lifetime kayaks, including cup holders, paddle cradles, and rod holders for the best fishing kayak.

Kayaking is the best activity for kids as well as adults. You can spend a memorable time on the water by using lifetime tandem kayaks.

Our Top Picks


Lifetime 90479 Youth Wave Kayak

Lifetime 90479 Youth 6 Feet Wave Kayak

  • Swim-up deck
  • Multiple footrest positions
  • Impact-resistant
  • Ultra stability and tracking
  • Material high-density polyethylene



Lifetime Lotus Sit-On-Top Kayak with Paddle

Lifetime Lotus Sit-On-Top Kayak with Paddle

  • Multiple Footrest Positions for Different Size Paddlers
  • Front and Rear T-Handles for Easy Transport
  • UV-Protected High-Density Polyethylene Construction



Lifetime Emotion Tide 10′ Sit-In Kayak

Lifetime Emotion Tide 10' Sit-In Kayak

  • Molded-in seat
  • Comfort seat system
  • Bungee straps
  • Two carry handles
  • Paddle keeper


Best Lifetime Kayak reviews 2023:

We’ve discussed the top 8 products of lifetime brands. We’ve also mentioned their pros and cons, specification, and description so that you can choose the lifetime kayak for you.

ModelKey FeaturesRating 
Lifetime Youth wave kayak
Lifetime Youth wave kayak

4.5 out of 5 stars
Lifetime Tamarack angler 100 fishing kayak
Lifetime Tamarack angler 100 fishing kayak
Lots of
4.2 out of 5 stars
Lifetime Cruze 100 sit in kayak
Lifetime Cruze 100 sit in kayak
UV protected
Easy to

4.5 out of 5 stars
Lifetime two-person kayak
Lifetime two-person kayak
2 Comfortable
Ultra stability
4 out of 5 stars
Lifetime Lotus sit on top kayak
Lifetime Lotus sit on top kayak
4.5 out of 5 stars
Lifetime Payette sit inside angler kayak
Lifetime Payette sit inside angler kayak
Easy to
3.9 out of 5 stars
Lifetime Emotion Tide 10 sit in kayak
Lifetime Emotion Tide 10 sit in kayak
5 out of 5 stars
Lifetime Tamarack 129 sit on top kayak
Lifetime Tamarack 129 sit on top kayak
4.3 out of 5 stars

1. Lifetime 90479 Youth Wave Kayak 

Lifetime 90479 Youth Wave Kayak

In our lifetime kayak reviews, we’ve listed lifetime youth wave kayak at top. Lifetime youth 6 feet wave kayak is perfect for a beginner kayakers. It has a 130lbs weight capacity. The weight of this kayak is 18lbs. With Molded finger handles on both sides, it’s easy to transport.

The lifetime youth wave kayak is perfect for younger members of your family. It is also made of high-density polyethylene plastic, which ensures it will long lasting for kids. Additionally, the chine rails are installed in it to keep it upright.

It’s not a kayak that needs a particular type of water. And it serves on calm, mellow lakes where younger’s can stay near to water.


  • Length 6ft
  • Dimensions 72 x 24 x 9inches
  • Weight capacity 130lbs
  • Kayak weight 18lbs
  • It is extremely affordable
  • The material used is of a high quality
  • It is incredibly portable
  • Best sit on top kayak for kids
  • Small size, kids can use easily
  • Cheap and durable
  • Move calmly on the water
  • Very sturdy for all lakes and flat water
  • Molded finger handles
  • Multiple footrest positions
  • The seatback is not available

2.  Lifetime 90806 Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak

Lifetime 90806 Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak

Lifetime Tamarack angler is the most popular recreational fishing kayak. Lifetime Angler 100 combines stability and durability. The 31-inch beam was coupled with chine rails to create a fantastic rowing platform. That can accommodate the rapid changes in body weight that come with a fish on a line. It has a decent keel length for its category (10 feet). So you can get a respectable top speed despite the wider hull. There aren’t many customization options, but you do have three-rod holders. Two are mounted on the sides for ease of paddling or fishing, and the third is in front of the cockpit. It has 275 pounds weight capacity.

  • Great stability
  • The load capacity of 275 pounds
  • No bulkheads in dry storage hatches
  • Paddle included


  • Length: 10ft
  • Width: 1 inches
  • Weight: 52 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 275 pounds
  • Lightweight and short hull design make it very portable
  • Some customization options permit you to add your gear
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Lightweight
  • Lots of storage
  • Easy to paddle
  • Comfortable
  • Great performance
  • Marginal top speed
  • Low weight capacity

3. Lifetime Cruze 100 Sit-in kayak

Lifetime Cruze 100 Sit-in Kayak horizontal

Lifetime Cruze is an adjustable and stable kayak. With a quick release, seatback. It has padded, comfortable seats. Through chine rail, makes it more durable. Deep Hull channels are improving the tracking performance. For different size paddlers, it has multiple footrest positions. It has an oval hatch beneath the deck for additional storage. For more stability, have a flat-bottom hull design. It’s easy to transport.


  • Length 10ft
  • Width 30 inches
  • Kayak Weight 46 lbs
  • Weight capacity 275 lbs
  • UV protected
  • Easy transport
  • High performance
  • Attractive kayak’s color
  • Sturdy polyethylene build
  • Deep compartments for additional storage
  • Multiple adjustable footrest positions
  • Chine rails for extra stability
  • Spacious cockpit
  • Cockeyed seats

4. Lifetime two-person tandem fishing kayak

Lifetime 10-Foot Two-Person Tandem Fishing Kayak

Its versatile design allows for one or two-person kayaking. With the 10ft length, it’s easy to transport and store. It has three fishing rod holders in it. The weight capacity of this kayak is 500lbs. And Hull design makes it more stable. It has a 5-year limited warranty.


  • Length 10 ft
  • Weight capacity 500 lbs
  • Wide: 36 inch
  • Dimension: 120″ long X 36″ wide X 20″ high
  • A two-person inflatable kayak
  • Ultra stability
  • 2 comfortable seats
  • High-density polyethylene
  • 3 fishing pole holders
  • Multiple footrest positions
  • Rear storage hatch
  • Good for fishing
  • Great tracking system
  • 5-year warranty
  • Designed for single or coupled utilization; 10-foot angling kayak
  • Fits up to 3 riders
  • 2-piece sport paddles included
  • Developed for UV-Protection
  • Durable but not very strong
  • Low speed

5. Lifetime Lotus Sit-on-top kayak

Lifetime Lotus Sit-On-Top kayak with paddle horizontal

Kayak has hull design paddles that provide more tracking and stability. With different sizes, paddles have multiple footrest positions. It has an adjustable backrest. And has scupper holes in the drain cockpit. It’s easy to transport. However, it is constructed with high-density polyethylene makes it more durable. It is light weighted with 38lbs. And has a 5-year warranty.


  • Length 8ft
  • Width 30 inches
  • Kayak Weight 38 lbs
  • Weight capacity 250 lbs
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎8 x 27.5 x 9 inches
  • UV protected
  • Stable and durable
  • Twin skegs provide great tracking
  • Bungee cord to secure items in storage
  • Carry handle
  • Scupper holes for improved drainage
  • Quick Release function for moving the backrest
  • Molded cradle for paddles
  • Polyethylene construction
  • Paddles made from a combination of a molded polymer and aluminum
  • Front and rear t-handles
  • Moveable footrest
  • Short length
  • Hard to keep adjusting the seat

6. Lifetime Payette Sit-Inside Angler kayak

Lifetime Payette Sit-Inside Angler Kayak

The lifetime Payette angler kayak is designed for adults weighing 250 pounds or more. A “sit-inside” kayak comes with a cargo hold, rear shock cords, footrest, and a seatback. It has a 5-year warranty.

Lifetime Payette Sit-Inside kayak is UV protected. With the construction of High-density polyethylene to increase the sturdiness of the kayak. It is lightweight with 44 lbs. A Sit-inside kayak has a large cockpit with an adjustable seat back and a comfortable backrest for your long kayaking adventures. That is easy of transport and easy to carry. Deep hull design improves great tracking. It has a sharp keel for speed and tracking.


  • Length 116 inches
  • Width 30 inches
  • Kayak Weight 44 lbs
  • Weight capacity 250 lbs
  • Dimensions ‏: ‎116 x 30 x 14 inches
  • For great enjoyment
  • Stable on water
  • molded-in seat
  • Easy to transport
  • Do not come with paddles as describe in details
  • Poor packaging

7. Lifetime Emotion Tide 10′ Sit-in Kayak

Lifetime Emotion Tide 10' Sit-in Kayak

The Emotion Tide Kayak is a “sit-inside” kayak with an enormous cockpit and agreeable backrest for long rowing undertakings. Intended for outrageous security and steadiness, the Tide includes a steady flat bottom with profound tracking channels and dependability chine rails. This kayak is developed of blow-formed high-density polyethylene, making it strong, UV-secured, and safe. The creative Skeg Wheel and front and back convey handles make it simple to ship to and from the waterfront. With shock line lashes, different footstool positions, and a back bring forth with shock strings, this kayak offers a lot of additional items to upgrade your paddling experience.


  • Length 10’3inches
  • Width 29 inches
  • Kayak Weight 48 lbs
  • Weight capacity 275 lbs
  • Dimensions ‏: ‎10’3” x 29 x 14.2 inches
  • Easy for kids
  • Use for any purpose
  • Comfy adjustable seat back pads and padded seatbacks
  • Comfortable Luggage Style Handles on the Stern and Bow
  • Built-In Bottle Holder
  • Deep Hull Channels for Tracking Performance
  • Chine Rails for Stability
  • Constructed of UV-Protected High-Density Polyethylene
  • Kayak Paddle Included
  • Paddle Included
  • Skeg Wheel for Enhanced Tracking and Easy Transport
  • Stable Flat Bottom Hull Design
  • Loading and unloading is difficult
  • Poor packaging

8. Lifetime Tamarack Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak

Lifetime Tamarack Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak

Lifetime Tamarack 120 Angler Kayak – The 120″ grown-up kayak has a 275 lb. weight limit and comes in olive green. This model is a “sit-on-top” (SOT) kayak and accompanies a cushioned seat back, front, and back shock lines, two 6″ stockpiling hatches in the back and focus, two flush-mounted casting rod holders, one top mount bar holder, oar support with shock string and front and back T-handles. 5-year restricted guarantee. The Lifetime Tamarack 120 Angler Kayak is a “sit-on-top” kayak that has an agreeable cushioned seat backrest for your long rowing and fishing undertakings. Intended for outrageous security and steadiness, the Tamarack Angler has a steady level base following profound channels and solidness chine rails. The kayak is made of blow-molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE), making it durable, UV-secured, and sway safe. The 52-pound plan and front and back convey handles make it simple to ship to and from the waterfront. With casting pole holders, shock string lashes, different ottoman positions, and two 6″ focus compartments, this kayak offers many “extras” to enhance your rowing and fishing experience.


  • Length 120inches
  • Width 31 inches
  • Kayak Weight 52 lbs
  • Weight capacity 275 lbs
  • Dimensions ‏: ‎120 x 31 x 14 inches
  • Multiple Footrest Positions for Different Size Paddlers
  • Paddle Included
  • Under the deck, there are two additional storage hatches
  • One Adjustable Fishing Rod Holder
  • Stable Flat Bottom
  • Two Flush Mounted Fishing Rod Holders
  • Kayak paddle keeper to secure your paddle to the kayak
  • A few hours after inflation, the boat may deflate.
  • Not for professional

1. Top considerations when buying the best Lifetime kayak:

Lifetime kayak allows you to get to the beautiful campground, quietly explore the hard to get to sleep fishing, enjoy the dangers that cannot be seen from the shore. You can do a workout in the morning or just play with kids around the lake.

Kayaks can be used in many different ways, just like there are many kayak options. Do you know which lifetime kayak is best for you? When you are deciding on a kayak, focus on a few essential tips:

1.1. Construction:

While traditional kayaks were made of wood, fiberglass has been popular for years, sometimes layered with Kevlar or carbon fiber. The latest advancement is high-thickness polyethylene (HDPE). It’s contended that with this material, you get a more reliable frame structure. As a rule, the toughness is better. Since the shading goes entirely through the material, there’s no paint to break off.

The solitary disadvantage is that plastics are inclined to crumble in bright light. However, the compound properties of HDPE can be adjusted to battle this. All Lifetime kayaks are produced using this material, and a five-year guarantee underlines their solidarity and toughness.

1.2. Storage

The Storage Capacity of the kayak is varied from product to product. While the storage area should be waterproof, it’s ideal for expecting that water may get in. Assuming you need your stuff to remain dry, put it in plastic bags first. Lifetime fishing kayaks have two and some of the time three-bar holders.

1.3. Comfort

Lifetime kayaks have multiple footrests. It is simple for paddles to get comfortable in different size fishing kayaks. Backrests are cushioned, as well, and may offer a few positions. In some tandem kayaks, the backrest can be taken out and repositioned to consider solo use.

1.4. Transport and weight

Kayaks have a significant weight capacity. All kayaks have one, and it ought to never be surpassed. The heaviness of the actual kayak might be a thought. Every one of Lifetime’s models has handholds or grasps or the like to help in transport. Paddle supports and additional cuts make for more straightforward transportation and capacity.


In addition to your Lifetime kayak reviews numerous impressive features, there are a few extras to consider:

  • Paddle: Not all kayaks include a paddle due to the fact many kayakers choose to select a paddle that fits their top and stroke style, in addition to the sort of kayak. A favorite of ours is a product from Carlisle Paddle Gear due to the fact they’re pretty lightweight and are available in your preference of 3 colors.
  • Kayak spray skirt: Also referred to as a sprig deck, this piece of nylon or neoprene is designed to shape tightly round you and cowl the outlet of the kayak to preserve your garb dry and water out of the kayak as you paddle. We just like the Seals Sneak Zippered Kayak Spray Skirt to be used in flat and ocean waters.
  • Kayak roof rack: You should use probable bungee your kayak to a present rack in your vehicle; however, the right kayak provider offers you a good deal of extra safety and protection. TMS makes a price range alternative that certainly consists of racks. Customers were pretty satisfied with it.
  • Kayak anchor: An anchor maintains your kayak in a single region without you desiring to paddle, which includes while you’re fishing. Crown Sporting Goods gives a foldable anchor to your desire of weights so that you can customize your buy primarily based totally on your kayak.


  • Wear a life jacket. A life jacket is vital. It could be a lifesaver in an accident. Some specific models do not restrict your movement for kayaking, so there is no reason not to wear one.
  • Stay safe. If you’re learning how to kayak, never venture too far from the shoreline. Kayak with a friend whenever possible. You can also let someone know where you’re going and set a call-in or rendezvous time.
  • Dress for the water temperature. Think about wearing a wetsuit when it’s cold. There will probably be some rain, so you should bring some dry clothes with you.
  • Load the kayak correctly. When fishing or touring, load your kayak evenly to avoid capsizing. Practice at home before you go out.
  • Gain experience. If you don’t have considerable kayaking experience, you shouldn’t attempt a long trip. Kayaking is a different exercise, and you have to build paddling stamina over time, even if you are fit. Relaxing is supposed to be fun, so don’t overdo it!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.The Lifetime kayak: how do I care for it?
Saltwater corrodes just about anything, so if you’ve been in the sea, then make sure to rinse your kayak when you get home. You can wipe it off with a cloth for most dirt and grime but don’t forget that Lifetime kayaks have excellent UV protection! Store it somewhere where there is airflow, like indoors or on blocks outdoors rather than damp places (to prevent mold), and cover it with a tarp while not using. If hanging from straps ensures weight distribution is even as this will help alleviate warping of the boat.
2.Is a tandem kayak better for my partner and me or individual kayaks?
It’s an interesting question! Tandem Kayaks are great for two people, especially for parents and children or couples. Additionally, you will likely save money compared to buying two single kayaks. You can buy one kayak for 2 persons. The only disadvantage is that some can be difficult to control if one of you wants to paddle solo from time to time. Other than that, it’s a great way for kayakers to spend time together.
3.How long do Lifetime kayaks last?
With proper care and UV protection, lifetime kayaks should last at least ten years.
4.Does Lifetime make good kayaks?
Lifetime has made a name for them by producing stable and reliable kayaks. Their boats are made up of rigid blow-molded polyethylene plastic with UV protection. The majority of their boats are recreational models or entry-level that are best on lakes or calm rivers.


The best lifetime kayak is the one that fits your needs and what you are looking for in a kayak. Using our top 8 list we can assist you in determining which lifetime kayak reviews will work best for your needs and budget. Whether it’s finding a time-tested, affordable model or one that has all the latest features, we have something for everyone on this list! To learn more about these models before making your decision, please contact us with questions.