Can Amorall Be Used On An Inflatable Kayak

Can amorall be used on an inflatable kayak? There is little care related to kayaks that can fly high. Aside from cleaning it, cleaning it regularly using a hot boat cleaner or an all-in-one cleaner, all you have to worry about is making sure it is UV.

Like us, air-powered ships and submarines require UV protection. The UV rays will eventually damage the object and make it weak. There is a simple solution to this problem, and that is to use amoral. If you have a flying kayak or a flying boat, you must have an amorall boat. This will provide the best protection for any kayak, boat and raft that can fire.

A 16 oz. The bottle is only about $ 15 but will last a long time. I have had the same bottle for two years now, and I have a lot left. Of course, I probably do not use it as often as I should, but it lasts long.

Amoral attitude

UV protection is very good for all volatile vessels, including Hypalon, PVC and Nitrylon.

  • Restores colour, glow and glow without fat. Easy to use – spray and wipe.
  • Remove dust, dirt and stains, and the treatment area will be cleaner for a longer period.
  • No silicone oil, waxes, glycerin or distillate oil.
  • Besides being suitable for a lightweight kayak, it can also be used with vinyl, leather, fibreglass, plastic windows, and chrome.

Also promotes resistance to chemicals and other harmful types of exposure. Non-lethal and non-flammable

Appropriate use

Amorall Spray promises to work when used properly as directed. So, below, you will see exactly how to use this UV coating material. Use an amorall spray on the surface of this floating vessel while your boat is dry – spray it really so that it is wet and not just wet. Then, clean the boat thoroughly with a clean towel. Use a fresh, dry, clean towel to seal the vessel to remove any debris.

After you finish your kayak or boat, it will have a beautiful glow and look new. It is recommended to spray your amoral boat every 30-45 days. I don’t always spray it, but it’s advice for maximum safety.


Can Amorall be used on an inflatable kayak? Yes, we can use it because it protects our kayak and gives high resistance to any damage.


1. Can I use armorall on my kayak?
For decoration, we recommend vinyl storage products such as Armor All®, Product 303 or Promise. These materials can be used seamlessly on Polyethylene, Superlinear, Royalex® and Fiberglass boats or boats.
2. 303 is the same as Armor All?
303 is not Armor All. It is a white, water-based and UV-protected milk. Can you use Armor All with vinyl? While Armor All® Protectant is commonly used to clean, protect and light up your car, you can use this product in many areas of the home, including vinyl, plastic, and solid plastic surfaces and colours.
3. Why is my inflatable boat sticky?
Brown spots are usually caused by a reaction between sunscreen or sunscreen over water and UV rays from the sun. If the problem has been around recently and is not serious, Speed ​​Clean can remove this damaged item. Then you can seal it up with Poly Guard.
4. How do you clean an inflatable kayak?
Of course, washing with simple soap is the best idea – you can get a special soap; I use dish soap. Just a little bit. Then clean it, trying to get all the soap and any gravel, dust or paper. Get into the hole, especially if you are using it with saltwater.