How To Carry A Kayak On A Motorhome?

Kayaking is fun and one of the most exciting summer activities. However, how to carry a kayak on a motorhome or trailer is a bit confusing. If you plan your next RV trip somewhere near a lake or river, water-related activities can be an essential factor in making your trip more enjoyable.

Kayaking enthusiasts would rather have their kayak than rent a kayak. This is because renting a kayak is more expensive than renting a private kayak.

However, it is essential to consider transporting a kayak safely in a caravan or motor home. Of course, you can also use a train to transport your kayak, and there are many ways to do this. Below, I’ll highlight some of the easiest ways to get your kayak out for camping.

6 ways- How to carry a kayak on a motorhome

There are different ways to carry a kayak on a motorhome. Because it is not possible to carry a kayak in hand to transport. These ways explain as below:

Hitch Swing

Reaching a trailer for a trailer on a kayak rack makes it much easier to get to the rear of the RV. The Yakima backswing is an excellent option as it can carry up to 250lbs.

It rotates 90 degrees and locks securely into place while driving on the road. When you reach the tailgate or tailgate with this swing arm, life becomes a lot easier than removing the entire rear and luggage rack. And it’s easy to carry a kayak on a motorhome.

Invest in quality inflatable kayaks for travel

How to carry a kayak on a motorhome, If space is your main concern or traveling with a smaller trailer, you can always invest in an inflatable kayak. While not as durable or versatile as a traditional kayak, it’s great for making sure you enjoy your time at your destination. It can easily be stored in its original packaging or folded to a smaller size. Inflatable kayaks can be stored in a caravan, trailer, or even in the trunk or bed of a car.

When traveling by air kayak, be sure to bring an emergency repair kit if you enjoy kayaking on vacation but can’t travel in a regular kayak and don’t like windy kayaks rent. Many places have equipment that you can rent for a fee, and you can contact them in advance to make sure they have what you are looking for.

On flat truck shelves

The question is how to carry a kayak on a motorhome. There are several ways to pull your caravan and carry your kayak. I installed the kayak pole on the cabin using 88 inch round bars and base towers. This price combination is higher than what I wanted. I was also thinking about converting my saddles from Yakima to Sweetroll, but it’s for transporting two station wagons.

That was too expensive for me. Another problem is that; It is recommended to keep the rack attached to the stacker as it is difficult to turn it on and off every time. But if I left it on, my truck wouldn’t fit in the garage because of its height. Next, I checked out the full-size 300 Yakima Outdoor Truck Carrier. The shelves and rails price wasn’t bad until you found the price is for one set. You need two.

Even that will not work in terms of price, in the sense of a practical ideal. Two days later, I saw a truck in town with a boat on it that looked like a truck frame, ladders and pipes, and such heavy equipment, a kind of lottery game!

On the board of the cabin car

The roof rack is very similar to the shelves on an SUV or car, except that most trucks do not have a roof rack. This creates a kind of tower that attaches to the roof of your vehicle and allows the beam to be used. The Yakima website has a valuable tool for selecting shelves, buildings, bars, and saddles to make your RV / kayak trip fun and safe.

It also allows you to find the base domes you need for your truck. United States Rack is probably the most innovative taxi car rack. The American shelf calls it the “Fifth Heavy Duty Truck Rack” and the final truck rack. This is a great thing! I sent an email to the United States, and he asked if he could ride 2 to 14-inch kayaks and pull the fifth wheel. Chris told Rack’s US Customer Service Department that it could. I do not own this shelf! However, I am seriously buying it when I buy the fifth wheel. After following the instructions and materials, it looks very good with American materials. I looked at the installation instructions, and it will be straightforward for me to install it on my truck. You need to decide if you have the skills and tools to install it yourself.

Internal Storage

Depending on the design of your RV, you may have a full basement with sections running from left to right. Many trailers are also equipped with it. There’s usually more than enough room for most standard-size kayaks, even if they are slightly inclined. This is a great way to take a kayak with you as it is locked, the key is locked, and no one knows where it is. It also does not slip or is damaged.

Ladder shelf

You can invest in a ladder that sits on the back of your tow truck. These are cheap and easy to install. The MaxxHaul ladder, for example, costs just $ 65 and can pull a kayak with ease. You can use the strap to lift your kayak and secure it with a bike lock. Note that these locks are not always practical for certain thefts. The higher you climb the kayak, the better. Please don’t make it easy for anyone to access it by standing next to your shopping cart.

Ceiling lift

You can carry your kayak through the roof of a trailer. If there is a suitable place for this, you can have ceiling lift boats in your vehicle. After reaching camp, quickly get into the kayak under your car. This is usually useful for RVs that don’t have a tow truck to drive or don’t want to attach the brackets outside their warehouse. But you have to keep in mind that this is not a practical solution as it needs to be increased to be effective.


How to carry a kayak on a motorhome? Probably, but you should make sure it’s safe. You can use various options to do this. Above, I discussed the different ways to carry a kayak around camp.

Bringing a kayak means you can enjoy many hours outdoors, fishing, or sightseeing. Bird kayaking watching is a great activity, and kayaking can be an excellent activity for a bit of sport.

Nature photography is an activity that you can relax and enjoy. A kayak is a great way to explore inaccessible places on foot, such as islands and remote camps in the Everglades, the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, and around the world.


1. How many boats can I transport with one kayak base?
There are different types of kayaks and yachts. However, most kayaks can hold up to four standard-size kayaks.
2. Is it Safe to Use Roof Bars to Carry a Kayak?
Using roof support for your RV or trailer is an excellent option for transporting your kayak. However, they must not go beyond the shared area.
3. Can you put a roof rack on a caravan?
Most RVs and SUVs come from the factory with roof racks for more capacity. If you don’t have one, it will likely be added. However, if your RV doesn’t already have a hardtop, adding a roof rack might not be a good idea. Without a strong roof, it can damage the top every time you put it on a shelf.
4. Is it okay to store kayaks vertically?
You can park your kayak on one side or vertically on the other, but best for a day only. Significantly when stored vertically, it compresses the boat’s weight and can deform the end of the ship on the ground or other surfaces.
5. Can you place the kayaks on the camper?
Pop-up RVs are small, lightweight RVs that pull out and weigh well. You won’t be bringing a large boat, but you can get a couple of kayaks and maybe even a couple of bikes. You can place a shelf over the window that opens, but be careful not to clutter it.